Wedding Day Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about booking/ securing my wedding date with you? 

The date is most important to book to ensure availability. To secure your date, a $100, fully redeemable deposit (per service) is required.  Your deposit will be refunded on your wedding day or be redeemed towards your services.  

Do you only do in salon services or can you come to us? 

We can do whatever your hearts desire. We have an amazing Be•YOU•tee Crew of talented artists that we named “ YOUR Be•YOU•tee CALL.” 
For mobile services, we charge a $25 mobile charge.
In salon there is no charge to book a private party.  

At what point would I need to confirm the exact number of hair and makeup services? I am still determining exactly who would be looking to use your services. 

The booking of the date is most important. If you have a rough estimate, thats best. You do not need a solid number till about 2 weeks prior so we can ensure we have enough stylists and artists to accommodate you.

Can I request a specific stylist? 

You can request whoever you like! Based on availability, we will always do our best to match you with the person who makes you most comfortable on your special day. 

What are the prices for hair and makeup? 

In salon for hair is $75 and makeup is $75
$10 for lashes which we can supply.
On location is $85 for hair and $85 for makeup. 

Should I book a pretrial? 

A pretrial is not necessary on our end but can be very reassuring for the bride. Its a good idea to schedule your pretrial on a day that you will get opinions of friends and family such as shower or social. 

Pretrials must be done in salon and are $65 per service.