You let us know something about your lifestyle and what you envision for your hair; we share and exchange our thoughts on whether that’s suited to your hair type, facial contours, and coloring and whether we think it’s a style that will be easy for you to maintain. In the end, we come to a meeting of the minds so you know what your haircut will look like before our expertly trained, internationally influenced stylists even pick up the scissors.

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Mens Haircut

Damn good haircuts.  That's what we do.  Our guests are always offered complimentary beverages and our professional staff and men’s grooming specialists are entirely at your service during your visit.  Relax with a top quality hair cut and style which includes a hair wash with scalp massage and hot towel.


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Brazilian Blowout

Imagine shiny and smooth hair that lasts up to 12 weeks with one treatment!  The BeYOUtee Bar features the revolutionary treatment Brazilian Blowout and Brazilian Blowout Zero, the same treatment as the Brazilian Blowout with a new KeraSafe Bonding System that effectively deposits and, seals essential amino acids into the hair, providing smooth and radiant shine for up to 12 weeks!


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Womans Haircut

All hair services include a consultation, shampoo and conditioning, stress-relieving scalp, neck and shoulder massage, and your choice of a makeup touch up or a hand treatment. To keep your haircut fresh between visits we offer a complimentary bang and neck trim. Listed prices are a base price and may increase with length, texture and stylist category. For specific pricing, speak to your stylist.